The Mystery of Genetics

Mysteries and Answers to Be Found Within the Human Genome

The mystery of genetics

Even in the earliest days of humanity people were well aware that there was a mystery in family lines. It always seems like certain traits tend to pop up more often in family members. Over time the reason for this became more clear. As the science of genetics moved forward, people were able to see that a whole host of traits were carried within every strand of DNA. Genetics offers up clues to exactly what good and bad anyone might be able to expect in life. To be clear though, this isn't predestination by any means. Something like pharmacogenetics points at probability and predisposition rather than predestination. And this is also where some of its real power can be found. If it was pointing at certainty than nothing could be done. But modern genetics can instead offer up warnings about things that might come to pass if one doesn't take action.

Finding out how to act on possible dangers

For example, heart disease can run in some families. This is clear to a lot of people simply by looking at their family history. When numerous people suffer heart attacks on one side of the family or the other than it's probable that anyone in the following generation will be in danger. But something like that is only clear if family members actually lived long enough for that to be the primary medical problem they faced. With a lot of illness that simply isn't going to be the case. But medical advances might then allow for it to be so with later generations. But having an analysis of one's genetics done by professionals will show whether or not that actually is an issue one needs to look out for. And a whole host of other medical issues fall under that banner as well. If someone knows to look out for it than people will also know to take precautions to compensate for that added risk.