Pharmacogenetics: GenetiConcept

About GenetiConcept

GeneticConcept is a rather unique company - it offers DNA tests from customer-submitted samples of saliva that are designed to help you better understand your body and health, and how they function. These tests examine the genetic material of customers - all 23 chromosomal pairs, containing over 600,000 genetic markers in total - and offer a detailed analysis of their genetic dispositions.
How Their Tests Work
These genetic dispositions can reveal a wealth of information about a person’s body that they otherwise might never learn, and this information can be used to better the health and well-being of customers.
GenetiConcept purports that their DNA tests can reveal hidden health issues such as genetic risks for certain conditions, disorders, and diseases (over 100 of them), and how your genes will respond to different medications (over 120 different medications).
What Makes Such Tests So Powerful
GenetiConcept’s DNA examinations can reveal how to maintain your fitness and sculpt the body you desire by informing you about how your genes respond to exercise, dieting, weight loss, and much more. They can reveal which exact nutrients your body will respond the most favorably to for optimal health, growth, and brain function, and even reveal which beauty and skin care products your body will favor the most.
How These Tests Can Help Customers
As one can see, such sophisticated and thorough genetic examinations can reveal a frighteningly vast amount of information - potentially live-saving information - that most ordinary people would only find out on a need-to-know basis, and often when it is too late. They would learn of a genetic risk for diabetes or certain types of cancer only when the need to know such information is urgent, and thus the most effective strategy for avoiding it - prevention - is impossible to carry out at such a point in time.

In addition to being able to understand nearly every aspect of your body’s health and thus extend your lifespan as long as possible, such powerful knowledge of your body’s internal workings can allow a person to obtain a better quality of life and even slow down aging. The healthier one is, the longer one can retain one’s youth. This gives you not only more time in this life, but the ability to have a fuller and more complete life experience that ever before. Read more information about pharmacogenetics come visit us at